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Helena Christensen doesn’t mind go nude!!

Christensen 42 has showed recently that she still owes a figure oh-so-sexy and toned. The actress who shot to fame in 1986 for winning a National beauty pageant has been photographed in a topless pose, to launch a model search.

After over 20 years in modelling industry though the actress is not a stranger to stripping, yet it matters for the lady of her stature, to go nude, being a mother of one and crossing her forties.

Well, the photo-shoot has been done for Unsigned Model Scouts and Swarovski Crystallized, owing to a campaign of scouting one male and one female new face, for a National drive in UK.

Interestingly, the bombshell beauty is sporting a statement Swarovski necklace, but forgot to put on her top!!! What do they expect; would the site-seekers will ogle over the necklace she’s wearing?? Lolzz..

Who the heck is gonna give a damn to that jewellery piece, when there is lot to feast around alongside. But one thing that I really liked about Christensen is, she hasn’t gone to the creepiest extent to expose her bod, as she’s covering her modesty with her arms while making things visible to a certain extent.

Well, you can say that Christensen has exposed yet nothing has been showed!!

Clever Pose, I must say!!!!!

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