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Kate Hudson debuts her post-baby figure! And it looks amazing!!

Bravo! The sizzling lady got her figure back!!It's just been seven weeks that Kate Hudson gave birth to her baby boy, and the actress is back to flaunting her toned, slim and amazing structure!!

Surprise but true! She really doesn't exude any sign of becoming a mommy. Her curves still are incredibly toned and fit.

I'm pretty surprised to see the rate at which the sizzling lady has shed all the baby weight. Well, the 'fool's good' girl actually caught media' attention, for having stepped out to cherish a family holiday, with her doting fiancé Matthew Bellarny and son Ryder. Though the bundle of joy was found missing, or maybe it was the napping time for him!

Anyway, as the actress sunned herself and bathed in a pool, wearing a skimpy white two-piece outfit, she exceptionally turned a number of heads towards her. Photos of Kate, swimming and dazzling in bikini are available on web to ogle upon!

Bridesmaids’ sequel -not yet in process-says Jon Hamm!!

After the infectious rom-com ‘Bridesmaids’ did a knockout business at the box-office, director Paul Feig planted seeds for a sequel. But before we could deem anything happening over the upcoming episode, actor Jon Hamm poured cold water on the hopes of the audiences.

Yeah, Hamm, 40 who played the part of Heartbreaker Ted in the movie, recently revealed that ‘Bridesmaids 2’ is unlikely to happen at this point. The actor says, for the new venture to happen, his co-star Kristen Wiig should be up to accept the offer, but as the veteran bombshell is not gonna do it, Feig must have to pump brakes over the project.

Or, it would be better to say that Wiig may not be on board, as and when, there emerges a glimmer of hope, for the purposed project being turned into a reality.

We hope Bridesmaids sequel won’t see anything like ‘Hangover II’! Well, until Wiig doesn’t confirm her disinterest in the project herself, nothing can be said. Though the couple is quite close to each other, for being working in another project together, we can’t hope transparency from either side. Maybe Wiig reconsiders her idea and accepts the offer in future!

Anyway, catch up with the duo together (Jon and Kristen) on ‘Friends with Kids’, which is set to see its release, out next year.

Helena Christensen doesn’t mind go nude!!

Christensen 42 has showed recently that she still owes a figure oh-so-sexy and toned. The actress who shot to fame in 1986 for winning a National beauty pageant has been photographed in a topless pose, to launch a model search.

After over 20 years in modelling industry though the actress is not a stranger to stripping, yet it matters for the lady of her stature, to go nude, being a mother of one and crossing her forties.

Well, the photo-shoot has been done for Unsigned Model Scouts and Swarovski Crystallized, owing to a campaign of scouting one male and one female new face, for a National drive in UK.

Interestingly, the bombshell beauty is sporting a statement Swarovski necklace, but forgot to put on her top!!! What do they expect; would the site-seekers will ogle over the necklace she’s wearing?? Lolzz..

Who the heck is gonna give a damn to that jewellery piece, when there is lot to feast around alongside. But one thing that I really liked about Christensen is, she hasn’t gone to the creepiest extent to expose her bod, as she’s covering her modesty with her arms while making things visible to a certain extent.

Well, you can say that Christensen has exposed yet nothing has been showed!!

Clever Pose, I must say!!!!!

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