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New movies come and go, and the box-office remains in a state of constant flux. What might be a raging box-office hit today is likely to be no more than a distant memory tomorrow, and as each year passes, it takes along with it the movies that were the talk of tinsel town. However, there are a few evergreen hits, which are not affected by the tide of time. They are just as popular today as they were yesterday, and as they will be tomorrow. We dedicate this category to those all time favourites, giving you a chance to gain ready access to each of these cinematic masterpieces. You can enjoy any of these movies that you please, and make them a part of your collection of favourites. Each movie that has made it to this category is handpicked after evaluating its longstanding popularity, and is sure to unleash an entertainment fest on your screen. As you watch all time favourite movies, you will find yourself embarking on an enchanting odyssey into the world of cinema. These movies will treat you to cinema at its best, and not even a single one of them will leave you disappointed. Get started right away by playing your favourites from this collection!

Release Date : March 5, 2010

Views: 1293

Release Date : August 28, 2009

Views: 1245

Release Date : June 5, 2009

Views: 1298

Release Date : September 25, 2009

Views: 1003

Release Date : November 20, 2009

Views: 1000

Release Date : February 10, 2006

Views: 945

Release Date : November 19, 2010

Views: 1138

Release Date : October 22, 2010

Views: 1040

Release Date : June 30, 2010

Views: 1020

Release Date : November 16, 2001

Views: 1438

Release Date : July 15, 2009

Views: 971

Release Date : June 22, 2001

Views: 997

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